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Skiområde Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Skiområde Valloire - Galibier Thabor

1.430 - 2.550m
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Valloire - Galibier Thabor

1.430 - 2.550m

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Skiområde Valloire - Galibier Thabor

"Located between two famous passes: the Galibier and the Télégraphe, Valloire is an authentic charming resort, proposing many types of activities. Valloire is also a traditional village built around its baroque style church (XVIIth century). The 1,300 inhabitants are playing a great part in making the atmosphere friendly and warm. Valloire offers a great ski area shared with the resort of Valmeinier. Enjoy your holiday thanks to safe slopes. 150 km of slopes for every level, 400 snow-guns and different types of skiing: ski, snowboard (snowpark), carving, cross-country skiing (10 km)… In Valloire, have fun with après-ski activities! Leisure facilities, services and shops offer a wide range of activities: ice-skating, fitness centre, bowling, paragliding and even ultra-light passenger flights.

Valloire: a traditional welcome
In Valloire welcoming is an integral part of the village. The Galibier pass used for ages, has modeled the spirit of its inhabitants who however managed to handle the destiny of their town. In the shops, on the slopes or in the case of a conversation, people from Valloire always have stories to tell you. Therefore a special spirit emmanates from this place.

During winter: slide the way you want...
In the wintertime, the 150 km of the ski area offers great skiing conditions. For nature lovers 10 km of cross country skiing slopes are available so as snowshoe walks. Thanks to more than 400 snow-canons you can ski from December to the end of April. Each year a snow and ice sculpture contest takes place in Valloire. Sculptors from all over the world meet during three days and three nights...

The Galibier Pass
This pass, famous thanks to the Tour de France, is the natural fronteer between the south and the north of the Alps. Around this mythic area you can admire other great summits, such as the ""Aiguilles d'Arves"", enjoy the beauty of the nature and, why not, see ibexes... Not far from here, two national parks : ""la Vanoise"" and ""les Ecrins""."

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26.06.2021 - 29.08.2021
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Du 26/06 au 09/07/2021, tous les jours de 10h à 16h.
Fermeture en cas d'orage.
Dates et horaires sous réserve de modifications.

Du 10/07 au 29/08/2021, tous les jours de 10h à 17h.
Fermeture en cas d'orage.

Dates et horaires sous réserve de modifications.

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