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The sunny side of the street gets things going in the sunny village. Where there is a thematic path devoted to the sun, a sun playground with Kneipp hydrotherapy facilities, an “art of the sun” exhibition in the village center, and natural solariums, then one fact is just a logical conclusion: Terento-Terenten can be proud and pleased to have the longest sunshine in all of South Tyrol-Südtirol. So it is not such a surprise that the residents are a group that also has a sunny disposition.
The view of the land and working the land are closed tied together in Terento. Farming traditions are lovingly maintained, just as they have always been. Grain is still milled into flour here in the old mills on the Rio Terento-Terner Bach stream. That which is baked from it can be tasted within the setting of the Terner Schmelzpfandl (“Terento Melting Pot” Culinary Week).

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St. Georgs-Str. 1, I-39030 Terenten / Pustertal

+39 0472 546 140

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