Podvelka is an interesting settlement on the rig Drava embankment. This location has solely been the dwelling of forest workers, who prepared the wood, washed ashore for selling. The uninhabited steep slopes are a paradise for visitors, who enjoy peace, the freshness of nature and the clear forest air. You can find this at the Janževski Vrh, Javnik and Lehn na Pohorju as well. The most popular offers for tourists include the timber rafting ride on the Drava River in the Javnik tourist village and the Church St. John at the Janževski Vrh with the special characteristic of incredibly strong and healing positive energy. At Kapla on Kozjak the hikers can take a walk to the Razgledna Pot path (observational) with 19 stops and the Srčna Pot (Path of the Heart), which is shorter and easier.

Location. 46.590146,15.330302

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