Ribnica na Pohorju

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Ribnica na Pohorju

Ribnica na Pohorju is a small nucleated settlement on the northern edge of Pohorje. In the Roman era, the road from Slovenske Konjice to the Drava Valley was set up through Ribnica. Since this location is encircled with vast, dark Pohorje forests, the people here have been in the trade of forestry and sawmill industry as well as livestock breeding. Today, Ribnica na Pohorju is an idyllic tourist destination with apartments, ski slopes and tourist farms. It also serves as a great starting point for the mountain trail to the Ribniška Koča cabin and the Jezerski Vrh peak. The Josipdol is a home to one of the first forest educational paths Kapelvald, which is a true treasury of various tree species. This is where you can learn about the natural beauty, the importance of the forest as well as the area’s history and live in these parts of Pohorje.

Location. 46.535473,15.267186

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Fritidsråd Ribnica na Pohorju

Ribnica na Pohorju
Ribnica na Pohorju

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Ribnica na Pohorju 27, SI-2364 Ribnica na Pohorju

+386 2 87 65 300

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