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Vierwaldstättersee / Nidwalden

452 - 2.129m
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Vierwaldstättersee / Nidwalden

452 - 2.129m

Nidwalden with its over 50 tour destinations, is located directly at the transit highway A2 and can be reached easily. Even by train and public bus you travel relaxed and comfortably within the 11 communities situated amidst fantastic nature among lake and mountains. Relaxing at fresh air, recharging your power at various powerful places, feel comfortable with sports and action, fine dining. Many visitors enthuse: Heaven begins here on earth - not only because its proximity to the town Engelberg, which means "Angel-Mountain“!

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Fritidsråd Vierwaldstättersee / Nidwalden

Dallenwil - Wirzweli
Dallenwil - Wirzweli

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Kontakt Vierwaldstättersee / Nidwalden

Nidwalden Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 2, CH-6370 Stans

+41 (0)41 610 88 33

Spørsmål og Bestilling av prospekt Overnattinger

Innsjøer Vierwaldstättersee / Nidwalden
Fjellbaner Sommeråpning
  • Klewenalp - Stockhütte
    18.05.2019 - 03.11.2019 (2 Heiser)
  • Dallenwil - Wirzweli
    21.04.2019 - 03.11.2019 (2 Heiser)
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Sportanbieter Vierwaldstättersee / Nidwalden
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