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Welcome to the Oberallgäu!

On the trail of nature & landscape....
Discovering the unique landscape of the Allgäu up close is a special experience. On foot or by bike we go exploring, investigate the life in the forest floor, sniff the beguiling scents of alpine flowers and herbs, discover rare plants, learn about natural connections that have guided farmers for centuries.

Nordic Walking
On the poles - ready - go! Nordic Walking gives you a completely new feeling for your body. The training effect for the whole body is immediately noticeable. Just have a look: At the Nordic Walking taster course you will learn the basic techniques of Nordic Walking. On a hike in a group, it's simply a matter of "moving healthily" while enjoying the gigantic panorama of the Allgäu peaks.

Family and Fun
Especially in agriculture. This is a tradition in the Allgäu and has an effect on locals and guests alike.
Family holidays in the upper Allgäu. Being lucky enough to find a home far away from home. Feeling comfortable, welcome and secure. Having time for each other, experiencing mountains of adventures together. To undertake one's own personal journeys of discovery, large or small. Something for everyone, or better, the right thing for everyone. And all this in the most natural holiday park, between mountains, rivers and lakes. Sometimes in white, green or golden brown, depending on the holiday calendar. And always in close proximity to the big fun parks and adventure pools. So no one is left out in the rain!

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Fritidsråd Oberallgäu

Alpsee Bergwelt
Balderschwang / Hörnerdörfer
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