Lazise consists of a coastal strip on the lake and a vast hinterland of morainic hills that gently descend to the lake among olive groves and vineyards. The area, in addition to the traditional water sports, invites to quiet walks to bike rides and horse rides. The lakeside road crosses the attractive Pacengo, a hamlet of Lazise, with numerous vacation resorts. Colà, a charming hamlet of Lazise, lies amidst green hills surrounded by splendid Veronese villas. In Lazise there are numerous hotels, resorts, apartment and room rentals, and campsites. There are also many characteristic restaurants where you can enjoy the fish dishes of the lake with the olive oil and the wines of Garda. The hinterland of scenic beauty, with its olive trees, offers a wonderful view for every visitor. In the adjacent countryside you can find a cultivated wine-growing area.


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