Ribnica lake

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Ribnica lake is located just below the top of Jezersko. Geologists say that the lake is not old. Indeed, compared to the hundreds of millions of years old Pohorje very young.

The lake reached by a footbridge routed between the dwarf pine mire woods. At the end of the extended and on warm days, you can sit back and let the beautiful nature ... If incorrigible romantics say that through the eyes of your loved ones to see the bottom of her soul, would be through the lake may sink to the bottom of the mighty Ribnica Pohorje? Would you through the lake you can see the deepest secrets of our ancient and oldest mountain ranges? Old peoples believed that the lake palaces of diamonds, gems and crystals. They believed in them staying the villa and that the man pulled. Just as our ancestors staroverski river, we worshiped the lake and brought them offerings. Man Pohorje business only in the Middle Ages. What if this young and beautiful lake in the Pohorje Mountains to the days counted in millennia, human sacrifice? Ribnica lake is located in the region of Styria and Prekmurje, in the sub-region Podravska and in the immediate neighboring Hardware and Pohorje.



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