Obernberg am Brenner

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Obernberg - the idyllic mountain and ski touring village

Obernberg is located about 40 km south of Innsbruck and is the last western mountain valley of the Wipptal before the border with South Tyrol/Italy. It lies 'in the middle of the Nößlachjoch - Obernbergerseen - Tribulaune* landscape conservation area and is very scenic with Tyrol's largest sparse larch forests, well-tended meadows, mountain pastures and the natural jewel of Lake Obernberg.

The village is dominated by the most famous church in North Tyrol - the St. Nikolaus Kirche. It stands in the centre of the valley with the massive Obernberger Tribulaun in the background, which forms the head of the valley.

Unspoilt natural landscape, numerous hiking and mountain tours, e.g. to the Lichtsee or to the Obernberger Tribulaun, as well as the beautiful MTB trail "Lärchwiesenweg" attract nature lovers. The Obernberger See at almost 1,600 m above sea level invites you to linger and play on the shore. The emerald green water is crystal clear and has a special magic on the soul. Swimming should be avoided for the sake of nature conservation.

For more information about Obernberg and the Wipptal region, visit www.wipptal.at.

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Fritidsråd Obernberg am Brenner

Obernberg am Brenner
Obernberg am Brenner
Obernberg am Brenner

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Kontakt Obernberg am Brenner

Tourismusverband Wipptal
Rathaus, A-6150 Steinach am Brenner

+43 5272 6270
+43 5272 2110

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  • Bergeralm / Steinach am Brenner
    17.06.2023 - 17.09.2023 (2 Heiser)
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