Swiss National Park

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The Val Müstair borders directly on the oldest Alpine nature reserve in Europe. The Swiss National Park covers 170 km² of untouched, unspoilt Alpine nature. A 100 km long network of trails provides an insight into the unspoilt mountain world that has been untouched by man for over 100 years.

That nature does not always have to be green and idyllic was already noticed by the first national park rangers over 100 years ago. Of course, the alpine coniferous forests, colourful mountain meadows and seemingly countless animal and plant species catch the eye. In addition to flora and fauna, however, it is above all rock and water that shape the alpine mountain world. Wind, weather and time have created this diverse topography in the first place. Founded in 1914, the Swiss National Park is the oldest and best-protected national park in the Alps. Natural processes can unfold freely here without human influence. Well-signposted hiking trails and a colourful bouquet of adventure offers and events for young and old leave nothing to be desired. The best times to visit the National Park are summer and autumn. Many animals can be observed there and in autumn, when the trees change colour, the rutting season of the deer begins. This spectacle can be heard and, with a bit of luck, seen.


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