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Marmolada - Dolomiten

1.250 - 3.343m
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Marmolada - Dolomiten

1.250 - 3.343m

Marmolada: the Queen of Dolomites

The Marmolada is the highest range in the Dolomites, mountains that are unrivalled the world over and have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site that must be protected and safeguarded.

In both winter and summer, the Marmolada is the perfect place to spend a pleasant holiday, and is accessible to everyone: from the most demanding sports enthusiasts to families seeking to relax in peace and quiet.

Thanks to the unique features of the Val Pettorina and the Serrai di Sottoguda, at the foot of the Queen of the Dolomites, this is a place where everyone’s dreams can come true, with a landscape ranging from the 1000 m altitude of the valley bottom up to the 3260 m of the panoramic terrace you’ll find at the top of the cableway on the glacier.


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Fritidsråd Marmolada - Dolomiten

Marmolada - Dolomiten
Marmolada - Dolomiten
Marmolada - Dolomiten
Marmolada - Dolomiten

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Kontakt Marmolada - Dolomiten

Consorzio Turistico Marmolada Rocca Pietore Dolomiti
Località Sottoguda, 33, I-32023 Rocca Pietore

+39 0437 722277

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