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Urlaubsregion Pyhrn - Priel

Klaus - Steyrling - Kniewas

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Klaus - Steyrling - Kniewas


The lovely little village of St. Pankraz is the birthplace of the ski downhill world cup champion Hannes Trinkl.

Also well known is the unique Poachers Museum St. Pankraz, where visitors are able to explore the history of those rebells in an original way. The exhibition was designed by cultural scientist Univ. Prof. Dr. Roland Girtler and gives insight into the „wild“ adventures of bygone days as well as the romanticized local films surrounding that topic.

More Information about Klaus <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and about St. Pankraz <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Fritidsråd Klaus - Steyrling - Kniewas

Klaus - Steyrling - Kniewas

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Kontakt Klaus - Steyrling - Kniewas

Urlaubsregion Pyhrn-Priel
Hauptstraße 28, A-4580 Windischgarsten

+43 (0)7562 5266 99
+43 (0)7562 5266 10

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Innsjøer Klaus - Steyrling - Kniewas
Fjellbaner Sommeråpning
  • Hinterstoder - Höss
    30.05.2020 - 20.09.2020 (2 Heiser)
Sportanbieter Klaus - Steyrling - Kniewas
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