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Fritidsråd Großarltal

Hut adventures in Grossarltal

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At this 3-days-hiking tour you experience at first-hand the life on the mountain huts.

On this 3-day walking tour in the Grossarl Valley you can experience the farming life of the “Sennleute”, the dairy farming people who work and live on the mountain farms.

Enjoy the peace of nature, fascinating sunsets and cosy evenings in the romantic mountain huts.

Often the people from the farms tell tales about life on the mountain pastures as well as legends and stories from times gone by.
Experience the fascination of the Salzburg mountain world in its entirety.

2 overnight stays in a category of your choice in the Grossarl Valley and 2 overnight stays with a mountain breakfast at a mountain summer hut.

The days of the hiking tour of the package Hut Adventures is not binding to a weekday, you can go on everyday. You can leave your luggage in the accommodation in the valley during the hiking tour.


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