Upper Church

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The Upper Church was built in about 1250 and is located on the Pfarrhof. It was formerly the church of the Franciscan monastery which was founded in Arnstadt in about 1248.

The Upper Church was built as a one-nave monastery church for the Franciscans and has a rich Baroque decoration and a Gothic shell. The bell tower on the north side was added in 1461 to stabilize the entire building.

Today’s main entrance in the west wall dates back to 1588. Inside there is a wooden barrel vaulting, an organ loft from 1624 and two galleries on the south wall (mid-17th century).

The church houses numerous tomb slabs and epitaphs from the 16th/17th centuries, including an epitaph for Count Günther the Militant with pictures by Franz Floris.

In 1977, the upper church was closed due to construction defects. Visits and small events are currently only possible on request. The renovation work is expected to be completed not later than 2017, the year of Luther.


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