Shred Poker Pizol – When Riders come together - Riderpark Pizol


Shred Poker Pizol – When Riders come together

18. mars 2019, 13:12
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Riderpark Pizol

A dozen riders in the Riderpark, having a hike session on a sick multijib. Fine beats are blasting from the speakers, a BBQ is being prepared at the Chill Area. That’s freestyle. That’s the Shred Poker Pizol! Last Saturday, the 9th March, it was finally time: The legendary freestyle event came back to Switzerland and blessed the motivated shredders with an unforgettable session at the Riderpark!

„The event is super nice”, Fiona Nachtigall tells us. “That’s actually the first time I’m taking part in a shred session like this. Great atmosphere for sure! People that support and motivate each other, share tips and spend a sick day together!” Even though this Shred Poker was a first for Fiona, she immediately got the idea behind it. “Me and my friends, we’re at Pizol for a few days. We thought, let’s join the Shred Poker, learn a few new tricks and get more motivation! Worked out perfect, actually!” Fiona’s from Hamburg in the north of Germany, where nature’s rather flat – but she definitely sent it! “I absolutely love skiing! I started because of my family and then discovered freestyle and freeride! And watching freestyle edits is something you can do in Hamburg as well!” she laughs.

Goodies from Riders for Riders
Fiona and the other riders went all in during the Chips for Tricks Session: Every trick was rewarded with a poker chip, creativity was more than welcome. And the shredheads delivered! No wonder, since there were lots of prizes waiting to be won at the session: Cash worth about 500 CHF and goodies by Pinetime, Amplifi, QParks, POW, TSG and iDoDo for every shredhead! You don’t know who or what “iDoDo” is?
That’s the local crew at Riderpark Pizol – and they’re well on the way to becoming a well-known brand. “iDoDo actually was an idea we had a while ago and then it became bigger and bigger.”, Elia Mannhart explains. Together with Nando Riedi, he worked hard for iDoDo. “It started with four people – and we were constantly shredding together. With a lot of work Elia and me, it eventually became a brand!”, Nando sums up the story. There was no chance the two locals would miss the Shred Poker at the Riderpark. “I’m here for the third time and it’s awesome – just like every other year! Especially because it’s so laid-back.”, Nando explains. “You push each other. But not in a competitive atmosphere. It’s more like: We all shred together, everybody’s stoked on the other’s progression. That’s the vibe!” Bull’s eye! That’s exactly what the Shred Poker is about.

After the hike session and prize giving, everybody came together for a free BBQ at the Chill Area. Nobody left the Shred Poker hungry – a perfect way to end a great day at the Riderpark Pizol. Want to take a look at all the pics from the Shred Poker or know more about the Riderpark Pizol? Check out their Facebook Page or the Instagram Account!


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